beach-193786_1920Hi, my name is Julie Lassen, and I am delighted to be here for this wedding ceremony“.I have made that statement, or one similar, well over 1500 times as I have been a Marriage Celebrant for 20 years.  I love standing up and delivering ceremonies.  I can confidently say  I do that really well and its time to add other things to my portfolio of business.

In the past, I have worked as an SMI Distributor (Success Motivation International).  We had personal development programs that developed people to their full potential.  I ran workshops and supported my clients. Mostly I was operating as a Business Coach.  I won many awards, and it’s interesting that after 20 years I have come back to want to help businesses achieve success.   All the things that I  have done in the past have set me up for the life that  I am now leading.

I have always had a passion for natural health and have spent years searching for something that ignited my passion. I have been lucky to find some different businesses that ticked boxes.   I have only ever promoted these products because I have used them and believe in them.  I love MLM businesses as you know the products are exceptional, they have to be for people to keep ordering them.   Yes, I have had lots of opportunities presented to me, and I know there will be heaps more coming my way. 

I discovered how could use my passion for essential oils to support my family’s health, empower other woman & create a thriving business. A wise woman who I have known for some years was kind enough to share with me the opportunity she had found. It rings true – caring is indeed sharing.  For many years I had been using essential oils in my own way, and this has expanded my knowledge.

Along with the essential oils, I had done a massage course; a touch for health course; mediation and art of living classes; weekend retreats and crystal workshops.  Through it all,  I was still searching for something I could be passionate about. Something that I could make a difference with others in the world of healing and wellness.
We lost our home because of the Christchurch earthquakes where over 100 people died, and our city is slowly rebuilding. The toll it is still taking on some sectors of our society is enormous and continues to be taking its toll.  I plan to share blogs on amazing people who can help others deal with grief and what is causing their health challenges. Unfortunately, the death toll in Christchurch does not reflect the number of people who have died because of the earthquakes.  I believe the stress of the Christchurch earthquakes was the cause of my mother’s aggressive stomach cancer which led to her death only two months after diagnosis. She had been unwell, and I know how I could have nursed her even better with my magical oils, and one of the blogs I do soon will reinforce the fantastic journey we can take people on to heal their bodies. 
I love that I can impact families and give them natural alternatives to medications. The family physician kit is perfect for a family to start with. As Dr Hill say’s everything that can happen in the home can be treated with the Family Physician Kit. I personally love the Emotional Therapy Kit and use those oils for my own well-being. As a Celebrant, I personally can recommend it to the couples and their families as they undertake the planning and excitement together with much stress as they prepare for a wedding. Or in the case of the family who is grieving – serenity in fractionated coconut oil directly on the heart is what I gift.
I have survived my five year battle with cancer. I will always remember the day the surgeon rang me and said: “It was melanoma and that I will need to come and meet with him today.” “Oh, my goodness”(that is not what I actually said!) What resulted was surgery to remove 2 cm of tissue around each side of the melanoma and do what they call a flap reconstruction.  You only know if I point it out to you.  Believe me that wake-up call has you looking at what you need to do before your time is up!
 Julie Lassen Transformations
So what is happening now?
I have spent time clarifying my thinking, focussing on my goals; working out what I really want to do.
I live in a lovely house on Huntsbury Hill, Christchurch together with my darling husband, David, and my fantastic daughter, Amelia. She makes me very proud, and I know she is a world changer.  Travelling to school this morning, my daughter was saying how she felt there were too many self-centred people in the world and everyone should be gifting money to those in need.  I love my daughter, she has her heart in the right place, and she has many talents to share with the world.

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