Happy Valentines Day – hilarious

Could you do this to your partner’s car?

I laughed – Absolutely hilarious!

I don’t think I could do it but you can’t stop laughing because she is so into this surprise for her partner.





Get ready to dance

I saw this video on Facebook today and decided it needed to be shared.

Sonja is one of those people who just makes you feel good just being in her presence.

She has a true gift and she is out sharing it.

I know you will so much better for watching this video.

“My quick tip for getting out of anxiety, worry and fear and into joy, fun and good vibes. (Also really good for people with depression to do as well.)”




The Secrets of Water

This is a wonderful little video and it is only about six minutes long so it won’t take loke for you to read through and appreciate the “Secrets of Water”.  Who would have thought something we all drink and take for granted can impact our lives if we choose wisely.  Yes the power of alkaline water.

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