This morning when I went to Facebook – I found this beautiful video on my friend’s Facebook page.  Alyssandra always has magical stuff.   She has her own fantastic business doing stationery – putting a link here for you just in case you need some. Click here for Alyssandra’s Striking Stationery

But today I want to highlight this group that is on Facebook and shared another lovely video today.  “Animalkind Stories added a new episode.”

“He’s one of the few who knows what it’s like to fly with birds, and the views are breathtaking.”  What I love is that you really do get to appreciate the amazing “bird’s eye view”.  It is funny as you often hear people use that expression and this has given that saying new meaning and understanding.
You also get to appreciate this fantastic man who has his own passion and good work – rehabilitating injured geese.  Then he takes other people up to enjoy the magnificence of the geese and being able to be close to them.  I was surprised to see what one of the passengers was carrying.



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