Very pleased to be involved in a business that has its heart in helping others.  Everyone who joins and there is millions of us – have this information at our fingertips on our own website.

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In accordance with its guiding principle “Education. Opportunities. Future.” the Child and Family Foundation Association set itself the goal of enabling people to help themselves in the long-term by giving them access to education, as well as implementing measures to improve the living conditions for children, adolescents and families with financial difficulties or physical or mental disabilities.


The area of early infant education includes the support of preschool children involving their parents and legal guardians in the areas of language, sports, music and social behaviour. In addition, we also support and implement educational and therapeutic measures and programmes.


The great emphasis lies on support and guidance from preschool to the start of higher education. All children and adolescents should be able to receive a basic age-appropriate education. According to the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, every child has the “right to education“. By building our own schools the CFF puts this from the idea-stage into practice. In addition, we also support existing educational facilities by renovating, adapting or extending the infrastructure, as well as by providing much-needed learning materials.


For adults and adolescents who have never learned how to read and write, education is just as important as for children. They should also have the chance for education, which provides them with new opportunities and chances in life. This means much more than a better education; it raises self-awareness and enables them to make their own contributions to the community concerning social and economic development.
We don’t just focus on academic education and further training; we also concentrate on measures and programmes to promote education.


To create equal opportunities for all, we go into partnership with project partners to support and implement various education programmes for children, adolescents and young adults with special needs. Our goal is to help people to live life independently.


It is very important for us to pursue a long-term, fully sustainable goal with all projects. Even before planning a project, it is necessary to ask ourselves which measures need to be taken to help people help themselves. It is very important to first attend to basic needs, such as health, food, clothing and shelter in order to achieve the main goal of initiating change by providing education.

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