Here are some more ideas that we enjoyed as children – yes a long time ago!  The beauty of these suggestions,  I will share, is that every family can do them.  Are you ready?

Make yourself an obstacle course.  Find items from around your home.

  • Hoola Houp – we have two and they could have to hula hoop for a certain time.
  • Ride on any toys that you have.
  • Go in and out of cans of beans or tomatoes – whatever is in your pantry.
  • You could also do this with toys.
  •  Jump – over soft toys; or hope from one spot to another.
  • Crawl under a table or a blanket; large box you have cut the end out of.
  •  Balance – use something they can stand on for a certain amount of time – count to ten.
  • Let your imagination go and make sure you invite your little people to come up with ideas.
  • Here is a link to get hulahoops


Get crafty and make a caterpillar.

  • Hopefully, you have an empty egg carton. You will need paint or felt pens and stickers or other things to stick on and glue.
  • Step one – turn your egg-carton upside down and cut off the top and the edge flap.
  • Cut it in half – so from one end to the other and you will make two long caterpillar bodies.
  • You can then paint and decorate your caterpillar.  Remember to add eyes and see if you can make it a happy caterpillar.
  • Of course, you want to give your caterpillar a name and you can stick on wool or string and pipe-cleaners for feelers.
  • Here is a link to Creative Junk on FacebookCreative Junk on Facebook.
  • We have a box and we add to it cardboard rolls; ribbon; bottle tops anything that makes good creative items we then take them to Creative Junk for you. 5158b4af717ca8150f944c95f85779ae

Another indoor activity is creating Your Family Band.

  • This is where your creativity can come into its own.
  • Choose your instruments – might be your body for clapping or legs for tapping on.
  • Make some shakers – plastic bottles with rice or some other small item that will make a sound.
  • You can have music to play along to or you can just enjoy the raw beat.
  • You might want to create and then find new instruments and items for the band members to use.
  • Name your Band.
  • This could be how the new Family Band starts.
  • Over 300 posts of ideas to make your musical instruments.

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