What do you do when it’s pouring with rain and you have what feels like a house full of bored children.  I must say I have never had to deal with this challenge as I have a reader.  That does bring its own challenge because to try and keep up age-appropriate books is a nightmare.  Professionals have said you must read the books before you give them to your teenager.  It just didn’t happen and as a consequence, we have a bright, articulate and word-wise teenager.  So not a bad outcome for this family.

I am here to talk about your family and share a few ideas of what you can do on that challenging day.

I shared on a live video a couple of these ideas and will share a couple more this week as it continues to rain.

  1. Do my favourite activity when my daughter was three or four.  We loved playing “let’s go shopping”.  You can start by creating a sign “Sally’s Shop” or perhaps the family name so no arguments if you have more than one child.    The sign should keep everyone busy for a while.  Then go to the recycling bin and find as many empty cartons or boxes you can find.  Get the sticky tape and seal down flaps and lids.  Find the Monopoly money or take some time to create your own “play money”.   Find some shopping baskets and you can play until everyone has had enough.  Store all the food items in a big box and its there for the next rainy day.
  2. Ideas for cleaning up the house – playing tidy up!  This idea will be the perfect parent activity.  Inspired by a friend who shared photos on Facebook with me.  So find a piece of music.  Explain to everyone that when the music starts everyone has to get busy and put things away from the living room or lounge or activity room.  Whatever room you choose.  When the music stops the hope is everything has been put away.  Another idea find the “Mission Impossible” music.  Put that theme song and take turns with your children of choosing a mission.  My first mission would be to pick up the newspapers and put in recycling.  Yes, there is a blog to come on that I am sure).  Missions could include putting all the books back in their right bookcase.  Put away all the shoes!  The list of missions is endless when you are faced with an untidy house.  The final idea of cleaning up and making it fun – competition time. Parents verse the children.  Race each other – kids are in bedrooms and adults another.  This one will have some very inventive cleanup strategies from parents as they usually want to win.
  3. Balloons – yes let’s have some “fun with balloons”. I think every house has some leftover balloons tucked away somewhere.  Hopefully, you can find them as without them there can be no balloon fun.  So having found a few balloons, a felt pen, your fly wat or a paper plate – probably better as the fly swat may need a good wash.  So start with:   (1. Flying balloons – blow them up and when nearly full let them go and have lots of laughter and fun.  (2. Draw a doodle on your balloon.  Then blow it up and watch your doodle grow in size. (3. Blow up your balloon and tap it to each other and don’t let it touch the floor.  Have a competition and if balloon lands on the ground the other child gets a point.  Yes, there are endless options to develop this competition. (4.  So with that fly swot or something you create with your paperplate.  See if you can bat it to each other. There will be other ideas your children will have for playing with balloons.

So there you go my three ideas for holiday entertainment when its raining outside.

Let’s raise a glass to your sanity. books-1840463_1920


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