Today I want to share with you some great advice  from Nicola Domini

Free financially but in the wheelchair?

There is a system that leads to financial freedom, a system that allows you to become forever free when you are still young and full of life, without forcing you to wait for the decline of old age.

Yeah, you don’t have to settle for mediocrity. You can become free financially, retire years before and live a life that few can afford.

Unfortunately, this system has been hidden from you.

Instead of taking you to freedom, you have been led on a path leading to mediocrity, a boring truckload of stratagems designed to quell the masses, a line of obligations that sacrifice your greatest dreams in the name of reduced expectations.

What is this system that you’ve been taught since you were a child?
It’s the system of financial mediocrity, known as “free financially in a wheelchair”.

This rhyme sounds like this:
Study for 15/20 years for free, get good grades, get your degree, find a good job, get married, make kids, debt to the house, get in debt for the car, work 8 hours a day, save, make sacrifices, live A simple and boring life… then one day, when you get, say 75 years, you’ll be free to enjoy life.

I know the system to make you live an amazing life today that you’re young, decades before you reach retirement age.

Yeah, you can live a life of freedom and prosperity, and it doesn’t matter that you’re 18 or 70

What the system you’ve been taught to create in 50 years, I’m going to get you in 47 countries.

Already 550.000 people in 47 countries have given me confidence, if you really want to understand how to become free financially – speak to who shared this post.

To your Freedom, Nik

I am so thankful to my friend Vicki for sharing this with me.  

I will forever be grateful.

Julie Lassen (




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