I have set a goal to help 20 women become Diamonds. Big Goal and Big Dreams.  You need a big goal if you have big dreams as I do.

I want to impact the lives of these woman in such a way that they can have a lifestyle that sets them apart.

How to they become a Diamond – from being teachable and doing a daily activity to move people forward in the DFY (Done For You) model. This is such an easy business to do.

Everyone including myself tries to complicate it.

I constantly have to go back and do what I am supposed to be doing.

We share a downloadable app.

People look, we follow up and invite them to a presentation.

I ask people to be my guest at those presentations and if people like what they see they very quickly fall in love with Kyani.  The compensation plan; the products; the opportunity; the vision; the excitement and the teamwork.  Everyone who joins us become a part of Team Fusion.  What this means we have high standards and rules that we work by – this not like any other network marketing company.  One of the rules we don’t exaggerate – so what we say is real.  I put the income disclosure statement link here: https://usincome.kyani.net/

This company ticks all the boxes.

So let me introduce you to my first Diamond in the making.  She is someone who I knew from when I was a child.  She used to be my netball coach,  She is on a dairy farm and been married for 46 years.

She has three grown up children and many grandchildren who she adores.  So many in fact I struggle to keep track of who belongs to who.

She is an amazing Mum and very supportive of her family.  She has her own dreams and has fallen in love with Kyani because it ticks all those boxes.  She knows this company has stability and when the owners take no money out and have not done so in ten years – the company has strong leadership with a mission to impact a million lives a year.

Meet Nellie who will be successful because together we are working to impact lives in her circle of contact.  She is teachable and has a vision.

She believes in Kyani – she uses Kyani and she rescues birds with Kyani.

“Picked this little swift up at our entrance possible hit window having a drink hope he can fly”  He does. 


She is gorgeous – thanks Nellie for joining my team.  Together we will be successful.

We will impact lives.



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