This blog is about how to balance your life and feel good in the process.

Yes as busy Mums we fill so many roles, and it’s important to acknowledge the skill set we have: Mum, Boss, chef, housekeeper, driver, first-aider, nurse, supporter, coach, listener, judge and jury; hair-stylist; baker, therapist, rubbish sorter, recycler, washing director,  shopper, peacekeeper; safety monitor; events coordinator, weekly plan keeper, storyteller, homework monitor, sleep whisperer, bug squasher,

So the first step is making it fun and knowing you do it all – you are amazing!  You are in control.  To create the balance between all that; your work and time for you try these Ten Tips.

Ten steps:

1.  Look after yourself first.  Get plenty of sleep, take the Triangle of Health and drink plenty of water.  This will give you a clear head, energy and the desire to move forward.

2. Make a plan – schedule in all your family commitments.  Then plan things for you and your partner.  Then the time left you scheduled your most important business items.   (Note: Things for you could include massage; exercise classes; appointments with hairdresser and other treatments; time to journal; read and listen to music).

3.  Do a mind map on your business – write everything down and work out what you can let go of.  Who can you offload things to so you concentrate on the important things?  If you hate doing accounts – pay someone to do that for you.  You can then create a to-do list with the key things that impact your business.

4.  Put a pen and book beside your bed and before you turn out the light write down everything you are grateful for.  This is also time to jot down anything that you thought of that needs attention.

5.  Make sure you clear clutter from your workspace, so you are not distracted and disillusioned by so much to do.

6.  Listen to music as you work?  Work through your plan – focus on the high payoff activities –  so it is productive time.  Get off Facebook.  Do not have it open – schedule a slot in the morning and slot in the evening when you can see what is happening.

7.  If you have calls to make – schedule a time.  Stand up and walk around and listen.  We all talk too much instead of actively listening.

8.  Find all those magazines and with your children make a vision board.  Cut out the pictures of what you want your life to be and make it happen.  Here is a photo to help you.  This exercise will help you create your VISION – what is it you want to achieve.

9.  Be sure to build in celebration.  Teach your children to celebrate successes.

10. Have an evening meal with your family.  Allow everyone to say what the victories for the day have been and any challenges they might have.  This will have huge payoffs heading forward.

If you would like to work with me I will mentor you for free when you join my team.






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