This is a new take on Riverdance!


A Riverdancing Cockatiel is pretty much the most hilarious thing ever!!!


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A must watch – only 44 seconds!


This is something to see.


Italian  Auction – only 44 seconds!

You don’t have to understand Italian to follow the auctioneer:  A Chinese Ming Vase is up for auction.

The bidding opens at a half-million Euros.  Bidding is brisk, and each bidder is clearly identified as each raises the bid by 100,000 Euros. (The exchange rate at auction time was 1 Euro =$1.12.) Within seconds, the bid stalls at One million Euros and the gasp from the crowd identify the excitement that prevails in the room. The winning bidder is the last one who bid one million, and the auctioneer counts down the bid, “Going once, going twice, and sold to the gentleman sitting in front of me for one million Euros.

Now, you are going to have to see the video for yourself.  The auctioneer is exuberant.  The pace is fast.  This is how an auction should be run.

Please note the excitement on the auctioneer’s face after the final bid:


CTV Memorial

Today, now  6 years on from the February 22, 2011 earthquake, we pause to reflect and pay tribute to the 185 people who lost their lives, including 16 CTV staff. Here is our tribute to those 16 CTV members, gone but not forgotten.  The tribute is beautiful but makes me cry so many lives cut short.



The cover image goes with this story:


Would you walk 2.5 km to school?


The original poster stated “I am showing this to my kids tonight! They think school is a given! I wonder who would be able to do what this boy does!”

As a five-year-old, I biked up a one-kilometer shingle road every school day to catch the school bus.  My father built a bike shelter, and we left our bikes in the bike shelter and then biked home at the end of the day.  Those were the days when you didn’t need to lock up your bikes.

Then I would bike three km to me picked up for a ride to netball on Saturdays.  Then after netball, I would get on my bike and bike the 3kms home.  I thought nothing of it that is just what I did.  Having a family that loved rugby, they always went to rugby and I was always transported by someone else to netball.


The Haka performed with passion

This hall full of Palmerston North Boys High students certainly gave a special send off to the retiring teacher.  It is indeed a spine-tingling passionate Haka.

Mean! New Zealand high school students perform Haka to their retiring teacher.

Shoutout to Palmerston North Boys High