It is fair to say everyone in New Zealand should have an emergency kit that will enable them to be self sufficient for up to ten days.  That is actually quite a lot of stuff you would need for 7-10 days.

I asked my husband, how is our emergency kit?  He said the tent was beside my car.  He knew where his sleeping bag is and Amelia will know where hers is.  I said “hmm I wonder where mine is?”  I don’t use it much and its obviously in a safe place.  Yes, you know what I mean, you have a safe place don’t you!  That place where everything is that you can’t find!

Thinking further we realized we needed to freshen up our water and review where it is stored.  You need to be able to get access to it quickly and easily in an emergency.  Yes I think its time we as a family made a date and looked at our emergency kit and how it would work in an emergency.  I was thinking my gazebo would be good on the lawn as well as the tent.  I am sure I will have some great ideas if I think about it.

Tonight on Facebook – I came across one of my gorgeous bride’s Facebook pages.  She had shared Sir Bob Parker’s emergency kit.  Pretty impressive kit Sir Bob.


OK, here is our emergency kit, ideally with enough food to last around 3 days .
It contains:
Rechargeable radio/torch (wind-up), Backpacker Stove, small cooking pot set, Plate/Cup/bowl/utensils, Multi-p;purpose pocket knife, bic lighter, small 12 in 1 multi-tool, First aid kit, Tarpaulin, Mylar Emergency Blanket (not sure what it does but it sounds useful), Duct tape, glow sticks, candle (scented -why not) water-proof matches, Whistle case with compass and match holder and flint to start bush-fires, water purification tables, small hand spade, Gloves, toilet paper, Rope, Rain poncho x 2, toothbrush and toothpaste, small bottle of hand sanitizers, small packet of wet-ones anti-bacterial, dust-mask, small emergency can opener, assorted cans of food, weetbix, long-life milk, tea bags, and a beer, and a bottle of wine, and chocolate (last bits by Jo) and assorted food. All packed into a carry bag and ready to go 24/7 since the first Canterbury Earthquake. Went to supermarket today and updated some bits of food and replaced the wine that Jo had nicked. Bob.

People have added in their suggestions to make this kit complete.

So the challenge you have is where do you keep the carry bag with all the goodies?

I challenge you to make a date and do it this weekend – as a family put together your own emergency kit and be ready.  You will be pleased you did!

Email me if you want to discuss emergency kits:


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