We have just come home from the Christchurch South Intermediate year 8 prize giving.

We tried to keep it a secret that we were invited to go as she would be receiving a certificate.  She got one certificate last year at her end of year 7 prize giving.

I arrived early to get a good seat and David arrived shortly after.  Ms Hutchinson, the deputy principal, came up and said that we might want to have some tissues, and I thought “Nice, Amelia might be getting a cup”.

Amelia, our amazing daughter, did indeed get a cup – the cup for  Public Speaking.  The Semaine Cup for Speech Making Excellence.   No surprise really!   She won the speech competition the school had earlier in the year with an amazing speech on education.

Prior to that she was presented with a Certificate as  a finalist for: Academic Excellence; and Citizenship Excellence, Digital Technology Excellence.

Also Certificate of Merit for “Creativity in work and thought, and high levels of initiative in Performing Arts”; A Certificate of Merit – Excellence in English; and Certificate of Merit “Determination to excel across all curriculum areas”.

She then got awarded another cup – the girls Citizenship Cup.

Well done Amelia, I was thinking – two cups.


Then she was presented with the Girls Academic Excellence.

Amazing achievement Amelia, and we are extremely proud of you.

But wait, there’s more!

Amelia was awarded with the highest award the school has (Yes, that was 4 cups and medals).  This Trophy was the Burtt Trophy for All Round Excellence  – Leadership and Service.

Amelia was crying, as was I, and fair to say her amazing teacher was extremely proud and may or may not have had a few tears.  Without doubt her teacher Mr Prescott enabled her to achieve and stretched her where necessary.  We love you Steve.  Thank you.


Love you Amelia, you are indeed amazing and yet so humble.  You have come along way this year and it was indeed the right decision to put our daughter into Christchurch South Intermediate where she had the chance to lift her wings and fly.







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