The beauty of orchids is legendary.  So many different varieties of orchids around the world.  Did you know that orchids are in fact the largest family of plants in the world.  They say 25,000 to 30,000 different species of orchid exist.  Chances are you won’t see at least 10,000 of them that can be only found in the tropics.

Not sure where this one comes from and that doesn’t matter.  Being named holy spirit – it is the perfect time for it to be appearing.

This is the perfect illustration of the amazing creations in nature.  See the photo or the bloom like praying saints and then the transformation into what looks like a flying dove.  Just amazing!

Postscript:  Do you grow an orchid or two?  My sister seems to have the green thumb – she is getting a gift for Christmas of two little baby orchids,  I had three and now there is two.  Yes she will be able to keep them alive.





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