I had this spring up on Facebook from December 2014.  Good to see I was sharing beautiful music 2 years ago.  Now its time for blogging beautiful music.  Music feeds my soul and music is for sharing.  Does it feed your soul?

Thank you Home Free it is beautiful.

To see the original – use this link:  http://faithtap.com/2206/home-free-o-holy-night/

Home Free’s version of “O Holy Night” is stunning the Internet world with their talented vocals. The five skilled men set up shop singing a cappella in a gorgeous empty church. The combination of the hauntingly beautiful setting and the men’s voices result in a rendition of “O Holy Night” that’s bound to leave you breathless!

Now they spend their time releasing their own hit tunes, covering classics and singing renditions of Christmas songs we all have grown to love! It comes as no shock that they were able to revisit “O Holy Night” and turn it into something more beautiful than we ever would’ve imagined! What an amazing rendition of this favorite Christmas classic.



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