He Changed The Lyrics To “Hallelujah” And Left Everyone With Chills…..

This jumped out at me today as the piece of music, I needed to listen today.  It is indeed an outstandingly beautiful version of my favourite song “Hallelujah”  that gave me goose bumps and I think it might for you as well.

The American band Cloverton very cleverly  changed the lyrics to the 1984 song by Leonard Cohen and made it into glorious Christmas song for us to enjoy.

This is performed in small cosy café, with hot drinks and lights and an incredible voice accompanied by the piano – can it get any more special?

When you sing along with the crowd who joins in at the end you will feel the full spirit of the song.

You might just need to grab those tissues if you are moved as much as I was and always am when Hallelujah is played!


The original blog post – sharing so you can enjoy



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