Part of my research of Kyani was understanding what a difference it was making in the world.

Since the beginning when they set out to help others to ‘Experience More’ it has been a major part of the Founders’core belief system.  I have read that the passion for giving back has led to Kyani’s culture of giving and the foundation for Kyani Caring Hands.  The Founder and Chairman, Kirk Hansen says the “Kyani Caring Hands is only part of what we do, but it’s all of who we are.”

The Kyani Caring Hands initiative, had introduced another way to help others as we we building our business in a way for us to be the part of something bigger and more impactful than ever before.



Kyani Founder, Carl Taylor, has a lifetime of experience in potato farming.  Using his expertise, Kyani offers the Kyani Potato Pak for Distributors to purchase and donate to impoverished families.  Kyani Potato Pak has been developed by nutrition experts to help nourish the less fortunate with basic nutrients.



Did you know the Kyani Potato Pak contains over 15g of protein, essential vitamins, and minerals in a quick and convenient pouch.  This product is an instant “mix and eat” format is leading the industry and provides great benefits to those in need.

How does it work?

You purchase the “Potato Pak” using the SKU in your Back Office and they will automatically donate and deliver it to those in need.  You and I can build our business while we help others.


If you want to make a different and build a business at the same time you can do that.  Join Team Infusion with me and we will Make a Difference.


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