How to use muscle testing….

Today I am sharing with you 7 ways to do muscle testing.  I love my pendulum and that to me is the easiest way to get an answer.  Having watched the video, I have chosen another one to use as well for those times when I don’t have a pendulum on hand.  That is not often as I have one in the kitchen and if I have doubts on if a particular food is OK to eat, I use the pendulum.  I also use pendulum on what essential oils to use; if I should go places and do things; there are so many ways that you can use your pendulum or another form of muscle testing to get answers.

In all cases, you can test by simply asking your Name which you know to be true.   You then follow it by a name you know not to be true.


Published on Aug 27, 2015

Learn how to do self-muscle testing.

In this video, I share seven ways you can muscle test yourself. This video is a companion to episode 96 of the Business Mindset Podcast, where I discuss how to use muscle testing in your business.

You can access the episode here: R2B 96, How to Use Muscle Testing in Your Business As a companion to this episode, I’ve also prepared a free download for you: a pdf transcript of the entire episode, so you can refer back to it when you’re practising self-muscle testing. You can get that at the link above.

If you have any questions about self-muscle testing or if you would like me to muscle test on the best prices for your business offerings, you can sign up for a free pricing call here: This is NOT a sales call; it’s a chance for us to play around with muscle testing to find the best, most aligned prices for you and your business.

I also talk a lot about the different types of self-muscle testing and how you can use this in your business in my first book, BUSINESS BELIEFS:

Also: I know my arm moves when I’m doing the pendulum. It was really hard to demonstrate that properly while making the video! I use the pendulum A LOT and I find it to be really accurate…however, I always rest my arm against my body while doing it, or my elbow on a table. That helps to stabilise my arm.

…And yes, there are bloopers at the end. This was on purpose! When I have them, I like to add them at the end of a video.They make me laugh, and I figure most people could stand to laugh a little more!

Holly Worton
Business Mindset Alchemist for Women Entrepreneurs
PSYCH-K® Facilitator

  • Thanks Holly – I enjoyed your video and look forward to following you

I have the triangle of health  that can really make a difference in your life.



Watch this video and muscle test if this product will help you.



2016 in five minutes

My daughter shared this video with her Father and I.

2016 – A LOOK BACK.

It only takes five minutes to check out the whole year.


If you want to make 2017 a better year for you – you can.

Just set the goal and make it happen.

Learn more about the Kyani Opportunity

It is time to set your goals for 2017

I have just watched the video I am sharing here with you today.

In case you don’t like watching videos (I personally do!  But did you know that lots of people watch them with the sound off!  Interesting I thought!)  I will summarize it here in key points to make it easy for you to get started.


Question:  Are you happy with everything in your life right now.  Have you got the work and home balance sorted?  Are you completely well?  100 percent in good health?  Are you paying all your bills?  Are you paying for the family holiday?

Unfortunately, most of us will say there is at least one, if not more things, on that list, that we are not happy with.


Every night before you go to sleep – write down half a dozen goal achieving activities you are going to do every day.

One of them needs to be, you will will meet with a prospect every day.  That can be meeting for a coffee.  Catching up for a drink. Going for lunch.  You can make your business work for you in anyway you like.   You do need to have a recruiting consciousness.  When you meet someone you ask “would this be a good leader in my business?”  If the answer is YES, reach outside your comfort zone and progress forward your relationship.

I would suggest the universe will put before you the ideal people for your business  to grow.  The perfect leaders in fact.  Open your eyes they are there waiting for you.  

Do the 6 goal achieving activities every day.  Get them done!  You will make 2017 your year.  Do the meeting – they say skin to skin – but that is to close for me – do that step every day.  It is easy really have a meeting with a prospect every day.  You can do that in your lunch hours – just imagine working your job – meeting someone in your lunch hour – doing business and in 90 days you will have achieved an amazing source of income.


I can happily tell you I have done all the work and researched and trailed a number of different companies.  Yes they are MLM companies – yes the same companies that produce more millionaires than any other form of business.  Yes companies that have proven they have strong leadership and top end products.  They have a track-record and they have a compensation plan that has you being paid in some very interesting  ways.  They have testimonials from top sports people, doctors and every day people that will never stop using the product.


I know whats going on in your mind.  “This is MLM, I have tried MLM before and it doesn’t work for me.”  “I will have to talk to my family and my friends and I don’t know anyone who will want to join me!”  

STOP!  What you are thinking is your LIMITING BELIEFS!  Yes everyone has them, but those of us who can squash them and think positive and overcome our limiting beliefs are the ones that will become millionaires.  We are the ones that will keep going even though our best buddy does not want to join us.  We need to be  thinking  the mentality that there is abundance and heaps of people are out there, they  want what I have!   What an amazing affirmation “Everyone wants what I have and I am happy to share”.

What I have found with this company is that the product testimonials are speaking to people. There is loads of them.  I am hearing of Independent Distributors in other countries that are being chased down because they have heard of this amazing product and they want to use it. As one of those Distributors said after being involved for many years – that has never happened in any other company they have been involved.

Its only time before this happens in New Zealand.  We are still in pre-launch phase with maybe 250 people a part of our company here.  We do have two white cars in Christchurch which is part of the dream car program with our company.  I am going to be next.  You can set the goal and achieve your dream car as well.  You just need to use the products and believe.


I really do hope you will join me as “we leave no one behind”!   I love that I can share with my friends and family that I am running a “global distribution network”.  Unless you are in MLM or a big traditional business you can’t say this as a rule.

I have many support systems in place to help those that are working in my team in their own business.  I want the first 50 people to be my friends and family.  That is everyone helping each other and I certainly will not be leaving anyone behind.

What is even better than every other company – yes most of the new MLM companies have resources and support – but what we have is the “Do it for you model”.  That is making for rapid growth and it is something the most shy individual can be involved in.

I know where I am heading.   I really do want to take my family and close friends with me  – that will see lots of folks achieving, and then its time to head further afield because it really is only a matter of time before you are knocking on my door or giving me a text and saying how do I get those products and I want to be part of that.


I have been an entrepreneur running my own business for many years.  I am working hard as I have always done.  There is no way,  I can achieve my mission  doing what I have always done.  I love MLMs and its really only just another way to be in your own business for YOURSELF without all the risk of traditional businesses!

Why do you think more and more traditional business people are building MLM businesses part-time.   The answer:  They know its proven way to work with results that will eventually enable them to sell on their traditional business and have the lifestyle they dreamed of.


Will I start now?  Will I take advantage of this well established company with amazing products?  Will I be a part of Julie’s team where one of the rules is – leave no one behind”.    I really do hope you say yes as I really do want to help you.  I have a big mission and we can do it together.

YES YOU HAVE TO INVEST – less than $500-700!  WOW less than $700 gives you a business and a months supply of wellness. You might just want the wellness component. Do you know how much it costs to start a traditional business?  Do you know how much risk and how many hours it takes to run your traditional new business?  Invest in this MLM and you can only move forward and make 2017 the best year yet.




If you want to understand the money you can make watch this five minute video.


This compensation plan is based on building three teams or legs.

Distributors may build as many legs as desired. You are rewarded as your CV, or commission-able volume in each of your teams increase. Unlike other compensation plans you are paid on all legs. There are no structural requirements within each leg.

NOTE:  If I am putting 50 people in the next couple of months – can you imagine what this means for you?

Mexico City Leads the Way!

I am delighted to be sharing this video with you today.  How about that – Mexico City is turning its highway pillars into vertical gardens for everyone to enjoy.

See the beauty and breathe in the fresh air created by these vertical gardens on highway pillars in Mexico City.  A citizen led innovation.

It is certainly well documented that plants do de-stress us.

I wish them well with the project and hope other cities take on board the vertical garden approach.



Why You Should Choose doTERRA Essential Oils


There are no wasted efforts in nature. Have you ever wondered what the role of essential oils is in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants? Essential oils play key roles reproductive, protective, and regenerative purposes. Watch this video and consider the endless applications of these gifts from the earth!



I have personally been using essential oils for nearly two years now and I use them every day.  I use them for health and wellness. I love that I can help my family naturally.  I have reference books and the internet to research for information and I can ask an on-line community for guidance so that we can naturally treat our bodies.  Natural essential oils work with our bodies not against them.  If you have an option I would encourage you to choose the natural approach, I know you will not regret your decision.

Clcik here if you are ready to take control of your health and wellness.



Essential Oils and Heart Health

I love my essential oils and because they are from plants they are natural and our bodies love natural things.  Did you know that using essential oils don’t have the side effects that traditional treatments methods have.

A friend recently rang me distressed that her husband was not looking or feeling good. He had been to the heart specialist and has a family history of heart health challenges.

I did not my research and found essential oils can help health inflammation and symptoms related to heart disease.

Some of the recommended essential oil include:

  • lemon oil
  • lemongrass oil
  • frankincense
  • helichrysum
  • ginger oil (high levels of anti-inflammatory aid)

Working my magic I delivered a roller bottle with essential oils and fractionated coconut oil and said to apply it directly to the heart.

I was delighted to receive a report saying he was sold on the concept of using essential oils.  Whenever I see him I give him whatever essential oil have with me and rub it on.  He is so easy to keep happy.

The essential oils have active ingredients found in plants  and are their  most potent in this concentrated form


Get your doTERRA Essential Oils here.


Are you ready for Christmas?

Days are getting longer, shops are becoming busier, and radio stations everywhere are being dominated by annoying, yet catchy carols. It couldn’t be anything other than Christmas time.  This part of the year brings with it many things, and for everyone, it’s different. To some, it may be about presents and food, and traditions, while to many, it’s predominantly a time of family and for others its the peace and hope at Christ’s birth . No matter how you celebrate Christmas, or whether celebrate it at all, it should be a time for joy. Of course, not everyone can always have a happy Christmas, so this year, try and be especially kind to all those around you, and make their holidays just that little bit sweeter.

If you need support at Christmas and want to communicate – do leave me a message.