Today when I was looking for something, I came across this message from dear Tammy Salter.  She tragically died in a car accident together with her gorgeous husband Adam.   Still the pain lingers for they were many things to many people.  

The biggest impact of course is daughter and son.  For parents losing a child is the biggest challenge they can possibly face and together with it the greatest pain.  Then their loss impacts, grandparents; brothers; sisters; nieces; nephews; best friends; friends; extended friends; work colleagues; team colleagues; work places and  communities.  You can’t forget the impact on pets as pets are really an important part of any family. 

With their parting everyone has memories that are triggered by music; events; gatherings; dates; times; reading something; touching something and smelling something.  For me is was a Facebook message today – yes the recipe for Broccoli salad.
Every time I eat Broccoli salad I will think of that special young woman who impacted so many lives.  She will be remembered.  Give the recipe she shared with me a go – it is a good easy recipe. TIP: From a Chef – marinate for a a short time the broccoli in cider vinegar I think it was.  

Tammy Salter:  

Hi Julie

Broccoli salad 1 raw broccoli Bacon grilled Red onion Raisins Toasted sunflower seeds (Or any seeds u like) Dress with want u want

Hope u like it I not try it myself


We miss you Tammy and Adam and you will always be in our memories. Rest assured your friends are thinking of you everytime they have a drink – I often see photos  of your friends with them raising glasses and saying “this one is for you”.


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