I asked myself this question the other day.  That just happened to be when I captured the  photo of Buttons our gorgeous rabbit sitting in the pot.  She sits there heaps of the time ,so I am guessing that is where she feels safe.  Do you think she thinks she can’t be seen?

I asked myself this question again tonight when I was checking in on Facebook and someone had shared this photo.  And I certainly don’t feel safe.  I couldn’t live there and not sure I could even visit. What about you?15135988_1211288035604244_7864871845320388687_n.jpg


Then of course there is this walkway  – and I have talked myself out of visiting to walk on this track.  Its strange because there was a time I would have done it.  I did Outward Bound and certainly did things way outside my comfort zone. I was stretched.article-2060023-0EBEF4C000000578-970_634x416.jpg

So where do you feel safe?  What is the place you  feel secure in? All the above options were about choice .I know I feel safe in my home even though there have been earthquakes to challenge our safety. I would love to be able to impact the world and help others to feel safe.

.There are people in this world who have no choice and certainly don’t feel safe.  My heart goes out to the Indians who are standing tall on their own land and yet they I am sure do not feel safe!  Why are the American politicians not doing something to help their people. Shame on them.  I pray that the people of Standing Rock and I urge you to as well.




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