I am not sure that everyone understands the power of essential oils.  I often talk to people and they look at me blankly and think they are saying to themselves “what is Julie got going now”.

Meanwhile, I am on my mission to change the world, one drop, one person, one community at a time.  Excited because yes everyone can think what they like, but I know that essential oils have been around for centuries.  The beauty about the essential oils I am using is they are certified pure and so different from the oils I used 20 years ago.  The oils from the past just don’t smell like the oils I am using.

lemon-906141_960_720I have listened to Dr Hill, thee Dr Hill with lots of qualifications, knowledge and wisdom.  He clearly states that there is “An essential oil application for every situation”.

Whether you take the essential oils internally, or you enjoy the aromatic benefits, of you apply them topically, essential oils empower you and I to naturally maintain our health.  Also the health of our families and we can have the utmost confidence in that.

doTERRA offers us a selection of single essential oils and a variety of specialty blends (my favorites).  Essential oil blends create a synergistic effect that boosts the potential benefits to us, even more.  In addition to the essential oils and the essential oil blends, you can I can also experience essential oils in many common products.  You probably do not realise that you have most likely already experienced some essential oils in your life.  Perhaps wintergreen in gum; melalecua (tea tree) in hair products and perhaps peppermint or lemon in toothpaste.

It is so exciting because doTERRA is continually seeking out new and innovative ways to incorporate the value of essential oils in products that you and I together with our families can use.

If you are keen to try the purest oils in the world – leave me a message below.


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