You know how you start something and can’t stop?  I think dressing in essential oils is one of those things.  I was told about it and I thought what an amazing idea to dress in oils and set yourself up for the day you want to have.  So I quickly went to work and found a nice little bowl, my coconut oil and increased the size of the box with oils beside my bed.

Note: Fractionated coconut oil has its own benefits and doesn’t stain clothing because it has the fat taken out of it.  That is what keeps the oil liquid.  In the kitchen cupboard, I have coconut oil and it goes from solid white to soft white depending on the weather or time of the year.  Do not use that coconut oil for dressing in oils

Now as I was researching my topic, I found two videos to help you understand what Vanessa Jean and Jessie Reimers call Aromatic Dressing.  Jessie’s is describing it as sexy aromatic dressing.  I hope you enjoy them.  I am now going to do it before as well as in the morning.  Just a case of getting into the routine.

Isn’t it lovely its about honouring and appreciating our bodies.




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