Last night, I headed down the stairs while the house was still rocking and grabbed my phone.  The challenge of living in a three storey house it tends to rock and roll a little more than many houses.  I checked on my daughter and was thinking she was sound asleep.  Admittedly,  just looking from doorway.

Next minute, she was visiting me in bed and in a distressed state saying she was cowering under the blankets.  In the rolling earthquake that was OK.

Thankfully, social media kept her busy checking on all her friends and Nelson network of Broadgreen students who we had been billeting earlier in the year.  Our billet said she was going to try and get to sleep as she gets up at 4.00 am to go swimming training. Dedication indeed.

I just put a post up on my Facebook page that said “Is everyone OK?”

Then up popped a question – mark yourself safe.  Doing just that I proceeded to invite all my friends to mark themselves safe. Amelia just marked her self safe and my husband calls out from the other room on the computer “how do you mark yourself safe”.



If you need any emotional support – message me as I have the amazing Serenity blend of essential oils to make a real difference.


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