Oh my goodness this morning on my Facebook feed – up popped this video. Tributes have been pouring  in for late singer, songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen, who died at age 82.  This has been a year of what seems like more deaths of well known singers than any other year.

Listening to this being sung, it was like my soul was alive.  I have sung in a number of choirs and unfortunately have not had good stick ability.  I need to go back to a choir.  My soul needs it.  There is nothing that can compare to joining with others to sing.  It is proven time and time again.  If you have never been a singer, I challenge you to give it a go. The pleasure it gives you might be surprising!

Pentatonix puts a unique spin on “Hallelujah,” and it’s absolutely chilling and one of the many covers of Leonard Cohen’s famous song “Hallelujah”.



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