I used to sing in a choir.   I love singing!  It’s not until I see people in choir’s singing and then I know what I am drawn to.  It makes my soul come alive and I feel inspired to go forth and make a difference in this world.  When I find something special, I like to include it in my blog as then it is easy to find.  You can expect see more blogs with music.

Found this on DAMN!

The Entire Choir Snaps Their Fingers, But Just Wait Until You Hear Why. Incredible!

In Los Angeles there is a non-profit, community based choir called The Angel City Chorale. Their goal? To provide good entertainment for their city with singing, donating and volunteering. Here they perform the song “Africa” in a way you’ve probably never heard before.

 Remember this song from the 80’s? It was really popular by the band Toto. You hear 80’s cover bands do this song every now and then, but Angel City Chorale not only puts a major spin on this number. They create a piece that combines the natural sounds of wind and rain, before lightning and thunder hit! And this is just the intro!

They then go into song and what an amazingly wonderful performance it is! Kudos to artistic director Sue Fink as she really created something special here. And to think this whole production was a way to give back to the L.A. community which they all love! Very cool.




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