My daughter who lives here in Christchurch, New Zealand has been following the US Presidential Election.  For someone so young, I believe, through the discussions she has had with her Father (with a political degree and more than average interest in the whole process) has a very good understanding of what tonight’s result means to the world.

I asked my daughter to say something and she has said:

“This man is a racist, sexist, bigot, and he does not deserve any sort of power within the world. The mere thought of the hate and destruction that his presidency would promote makes me furious. The things he plans on doing are senseless and horrible, and would negatively effect the lives of so many Americans. The number of hate crimes since his campaign has gathered steam has skyrocketed, and I’m sure that it will only continue to grow. The innocent lives that will be torn apart are only a fraction of what worries me. His blatant misogyny and sexual abuse disgust me. I don’t want to live in a world where a man like that can be allowed to hold such a major position. The flaws within his plans for the wall are huge, and he has stated that he plans on erasing all of Barack Obama’s work, meaning that all of the good, for example, the legalization of same sex marriage, with be gone. He will make America great again, that’s for sure, but only for the old, white, straight men.”

If a 13 year old in New Zealand understands it,  why did the people of America get it so wrong.  We here in New Zealand  are all in shock and disbelief.  God help us all.

It could have all been so different!



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