They Set Up A Camera In The Forest And Captured The Most Incredible Scene Ever

I think this is brilliant, who would have thought the fungi you see around us is indeed fantastic.  We much honour Paul Stamets for spending his live exploring the amazing fungi.  He highlights for us that their role in enriching the forest soil with nutrients and ultimately in helping our planet (yes earth) defend itself against humans, yes us.

He rightly challenges us to learn to communicate with Mother Nature and stop killing HER.  We are responsible for Mother Earth.  We all must do what we can to honour Mother Earth.  It is our moral responsibility. It is our ethical responsibility.

I challenge you to go out today and do something to make a difference.  Imagine every day is we all did something to honour Mother Earth, to demonstrate we respect her, everything we do can make a difference.

It is a another question, will that even be enough. Not knowing is no reason for us not to try.  The challenge is there to you.

 Please take a couple of minutes to watch this brilliant video and honour Mother Earth.




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