The best ever Broccoli Salad!

Today when I was looking for something, I came across this message from dear Tammy Salter.  She tragically died in a car accident together with her gorgeous husband Adam.   Still the pain lingers for they were many things to many people.  

The biggest impact of course is daughter and son.  For parents losing a child is the biggest challenge they can possibly face and together with it the greatest pain.  Then their loss impacts, grandparents; brothers; sisters; nieces; nephews; best friends; friends; extended friends; work colleagues; team colleagues; work places and  communities.  You can’t forget the impact on pets as pets are really an important part of any family. 

With their parting everyone has memories that are triggered by music; events; gatherings; dates; times; reading something; touching something and smelling something.  For me is was a Facebook message today – yes the recipe for Broccoli salad.
Every time I eat Broccoli salad I will think of that special young woman who impacted so many lives.  She will be remembered.  Give the recipe she shared with me a go – it is a good easy recipe. TIP: From a Chef – marinate for a a short time the broccoli in cider vinegar I think it was.  

Tammy Salter:  

Hi Julie

Broccoli salad 1 raw broccoli Bacon grilled Red onion Raisins Toasted sunflower seeds (Or any seeds u like) Dress with want u want

Hope u like it I not try it myself


We miss you Tammy and Adam and you will always be in our memories. Rest assured your friends are thinking of you everytime they have a drink – I often see photos  of your friends with them raising glasses and saying “this one is for you”.


Did you learn the piano?

I remember going to music lessons after school.  My sister and I both went to Mrs Erikson who had a piano studio at home.  We each had a piano lesson.  I remember practicing and learning the theory as well.  I never played a musical instrument since my primary school days and yet I love music.  I really am not sure why I never continued although it might because I played netball and that was involvement 7 days a week.  Today lots of wonderful musicians play sport as well.  Today its not me, I want you to focus on.  Are you ready to be amazed?

When I saw this amazing clip on Facebook today I was speechless.  Its like she was born with a natural talent to play.  Thank you Studio Muzik2m for sharing it.  Take a look you will be impressed.


Where do you feel safe?

I asked myself this question the other day.  That just happened to be when I captured the  photo of Buttons our gorgeous rabbit sitting in the pot.  She sits there heaps of the time ,so I am guessing that is where she feels safe.  Do you think she thinks she can’t be seen?

I asked myself this question again tonight when I was checking in on Facebook and someone had shared this photo.  And I certainly don’t feel safe.  I couldn’t live there and not sure I could even visit. What about you?15135988_1211288035604244_7864871845320388687_n.jpg


Then of course there is this walkway  – and I have talked myself out of visiting to walk on this track.  Its strange because there was a time I would have done it.  I did Outward Bound and certainly did things way outside my comfort zone. I was stretched.article-2060023-0EBEF4C000000578-970_634x416.jpg

So where do you feel safe?  What is the place you  feel secure in? All the above options were about choice .I know I feel safe in my home even though there have been earthquakes to challenge our safety. I would love to be able to impact the world and help others to feel safe.

.There are people in this world who have no choice and certainly don’t feel safe.  My heart goes out to the Indians who are standing tall on their own land and yet they I am sure do not feel safe!  Why are the American politicians not doing something to help their people. Shame on them.  I pray that the people of Standing Rock and I urge you to as well.


What to do when you stuff up….

Sometimes when your enthusiasm gets away with you and you stuff up  you end up feeling upset.  On such occasions it is important to say sorry and then forgive yourself for upsetting another person and then move on.

It is hard and it can be crippling,  if you take it on board.  I have recently experienced it when I thought I was showing support and it was not seen in that light.  Have you ever had that experience when you feel so bad for being insensitive?

What do you do?  I reach for my Serenity essential oil blend or my balance and white fur for protection; maybe even some forgive.  Certainly you have got to let it go.  Be kind to yourself especially if your intentions were good.


Liking everything about Jeunesse

Into my in box today was this lovely message.  This amazing family has created an amazing company.  I am delighted that I am open to the opportunities presented to me.  I am not afraid of working and if you work and do what you love you are successful.  I am happy to work with anyone who has a positive attitude, a dream and a work ethic.  Together we can make a difference in this world.  The start of my mission statement I believe.

Happy Thanks Giving Day – 24 November 2016.

One Team, One Family, One Jeunesse,

Julie Lassen Transformations



unnamed (8).jpg

unnamed (16).jpg


I am in New Zealand and I am open for business 24/7 – rocking this world!

My first Fete – High Country Fete

I am both excited and a little nervous, as I am displaying at my first ever Fete.

A friend of mine has pulled this Fete together for the first time – the Methven Fete.

I am sure it is going to be a huge success with lots of great things on display.

Eileen is coming with me and on one end of our table (not to self – pack tables in car) we will display doTERRA and my mission to change the world, one drop, one person, one community at a time.  At the other end we will have Jeunesse which is our Retirement plan and amazing anti-aging products.

Thinking how to share this message at the Fete – might not be possible!


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An Application for Every Situation

I am not sure that everyone understands the power of essential oils.  I often talk to people and they look at me blankly and think they are saying to themselves “what is Julie got going now”.

Meanwhile, I am on my mission to change the world, one drop, one person, one community at a time.  Excited because yes everyone can think what they like, but I know that essential oils have been around for centuries.  The beauty about the essential oils I am using is they are certified pure and so different from the oils I used 20 years ago.  The oils from the past just don’t smell like the oils I am using.

lemon-906141_960_720I have listened to Dr Hill, thee Dr Hill with lots of qualifications, knowledge and wisdom.  He clearly states that there is “An essential oil application for every situation”.

Whether you take the essential oils internally, or you enjoy the aromatic benefits, of you apply them topically, essential oils empower you and I to naturally maintain our health.  Also the health of our families and we can have the utmost confidence in that.

doTERRA offers us a selection of single essential oils and a variety of specialty blends (my favorites).  Essential oil blends create a synergistic effect that boosts the potential benefits to us, even more.  In addition to the essential oils and the essential oil blends, you can I can also experience essential oils in many common products.  You probably do not realise that you have most likely already experienced some essential oils in your life.  Perhaps wintergreen in gum; melalecua (tea tree) in hair products and perhaps peppermint or lemon in toothpaste.

It is so exciting because doTERRA is continually seeking out new and innovative ways to incorporate the value of essential oils in products that you and I together with our families can use.

If you are keen to try the purest oils in the world – leave me a message below.

The power of Facebook


I am always surprised at the power of Facebook.  This was posted to Facebook by Samuel Rad and because I liked this video I liked his page.  Here is the link for you to like Samuel’s page.


This is an absolutely beautiful singer and certainly does raise you up!

I  love the initiative shown by Samuel and look forward to seeing more gems that he shares. Read below to see the magic happening.


Over 26,000 views and 700 share!!!

I am very thrilled to see my post doing so well, and I just received a phone call from the UK from Bobby Parr, the actor known for Robin Hood, was trying to hook up with the singer of this video.

I am now trying my best to connect these two together for even more magic to come out of it. Stay tuned….

Spread happiness and happiness will come right back at you.

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Dressing in Oils

You know how you start something and can’t stop?  I think dressing in essential oils is one of those things.  I was told about it and I thought what an amazing idea to dress in oils and set yourself up for the day you want to have.  So I quickly went to work and found a nice little bowl, my coconut oil and increased the size of the box with oils beside my bed.

Note: Fractionated coconut oil has its own benefits and doesn’t stain clothing because it has the fat taken out of it.  That is what keeps the oil liquid.  In the kitchen cupboard, I have coconut oil and it goes from solid white to soft white depending on the weather or time of the year.  Do not use that coconut oil for dressing in oils

Now as I was researching my topic, I found two videos to help you understand what Vanessa Jean and Jessie Reimers call Aromatic Dressing.  Jessie’s is describing it as sexy aromatic dressing.  I hope you enjoy them.  I am now going to do it before as well as in the morning.  Just a case of getting into the routine.

Isn’t it lovely its about honouring and appreciating our bodies.