Within a group I am involved in there is a request for unusual names.  There is some lovely names being put forward.  As requested the unusual and those from different cultures.

I want to ask, but I am to scared that I will be crucified.  Yes, I want to be brave enough to say be sure to choose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell.  As a Celebrant, I often come across people with unusual names.  Of course, they need to spell the name for me.  Many love the unusual names they are given.  Some, however, say they really don’t know what their parents were thinking at the time.  Many are the result of movies it would seem.  One couple were even asking if they could change their first names when they married. So not everyone is happy with the name they are given.

In our case, we looked back in the family history and chose a strong name for our daughter.  She has always been named Amelia, the perfect name for her!

So I thought I would share with your the least common names that I found on my search.

Baby Centre Note: Our data comes from more than 340,000 parents who shared their baby’s name with us in 2015. Each name below was given to at least three children this year.

Unusual baby girl names

Unusual baby boy names

So what are you going to call your child?


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