My daughter was super excited to be named in her Intermediate schools Theatre Sports Team.  The Team consisting of three girls and two boys had two practices and the five sets of parents delivered them to the Court Theatre’s Junior Sports Competition.  Four schools were represented and the other three teams were high school teams. Yes, that made them the youngest in the competition.  Apparently the other teams have practiced all year. The Christchurch South Intermediate Team had only been officially named on the 18th of October and yes the competition was on the 30th of October.

We let them have an hour of warm up and then we took our seats to learn about Theatre Sports.  It was a lot of fun and Chip the lights and technical controller was lots of fun.  The host a vibrant young woman got us to warmed up and ready.

Much to our delight our team for the first game got a score of 4.5 out of possible 5  and 4.5 out of a possible 5!  That was the best score 9/10 – I liked those judges.  Perhaps not so much by the end of the three rounds because we were half a point behind the winners.  I was so impressed with our young team they really did very well!  Thanks to the hard work Ms Revell put in to getting them ready for the event. Also for the lengthy selection process taking those who wanted to be part of the team from over 100 students down to 5 with one reserve.  That was after school – gosh Ms Revell works very hard.

There is a wildcard team selected  and one hopes they get the wildcard.  That would get them into the finals at the Court Theatre.  Oh we do love Theatre sports.  It does make you think quick.



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