We cam’t help ourselves, we really can’t.  It starts when they were first born.  Well now it actually starts when we are pregnant!  What, what, what am I on about?

Its started with vengeance now! Yes Facebook is starting to full up with parents telling of our children’s achievements at school.  Our child has won the certificate awarded for the best all round student; our daughter is representing the school; our daughter got high distinction in the spelling exam; at this time of the year like no other time of the year we as parents, share our joy at the achievements of our sons and daughters.

We can’t help it we have been ingrained with the need to tell the world how proud we are.  Our kids have done good!  They have shone above all others. We don’t compare what other kids have done or achieved. In our eyes whatever our child has achieved surpasses everyone else. In our eyes our children’s achievements are the best.  It’s a good thing the children themselves do not see what there parents are posting on Social Media. For children there can be disappointment in they didn’t get the certificate and someone else did.  Such an amazing time for children to learn skills of coping, graceful losing and winning, compassion and empathy.


I do know that I probably have shared more in these last few years since my mother passed away.  I would ring her every day.  It was a two-way conversation and we would solve the worlds problems and I would ask advice on how to clean this or that; how to make a better sponge or whatever the needs were that day. A very clever Mum I had.  The best Mum in the world and what is lovely is my daughter tells me that as well.  I digress, the most important thing in these phone calls, was that I could tell her, was  her  granddaughter had achieved and made me proud.  You can tell your Mum things you can’t tell others. Yes, I would tell my Mum of her many achievements and milestones over the years,   I didn’t need to tell the world through Facebook.

So what has this blog achieved?  Nothing really it is highlighting why we as parents need to tell the world about our children’s achievements. Isn’t that a great enough achievement for today.  It has also highlighted for me more blogs I will write about…. photo shoots and Mum daughter relationships… so much coming




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