Together my husband and I,  transported our daughter to the Intermediate Speech Finals at Casebrook Intermediate.  We are not sure why there was only Amelia, representing Christchurch South Intermediate, when every other Intermediate present at the Finals, had a year 7 and 8 winner.

An interesting evening and reassurance that we have some good speakers coming up in the future. There was interesting mix of topics and presentation styles.  The judges said that if any of the young speech makers  went to any Toastmasters Group – their speech would have been “the speech of the night”.

Although, Amelia was not placed in the top three we think her speech on education was very powerful.  She had a very powerful presentation on why every child has the right to education.  A well researched topic had everyone understanding it is a global issue.

…….By now we should all see that it is worth it for these children to

go to school. Studies show that children born to educated

mothers are less likely to be stunted or malnourished. In fact,

each additional year of maternal education helps reduce the child

mortality rate by 2%. Not only that, but if all girls had a secondary

education, child marriage would drop by 64%. And it’s not just

girls that are helped. If all students in low-income countries left

school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted

out of poverty. This is equal to a 12% cut in global poverty…..

Apparently, the Toastmaster judge in his feedback  to everyone, and not pointed at anyone in particular, said, “having facts in the speech was unnecessary”.  I want to disagree, I think that passage above, added strength and meaning to her speech.

The judges also said that being able to use personal experience was important.  Amelia in discussion afterwards said “President Obama is an amazing speech maker and he certainly does not have first hand experience in everything he speaks about”.  Good point Amelia!

To get to this Speech Final, Amelia had to present her speech in front of 650 children and teachers with a Toastmaster Judge.  We are very proud Amelia – an awesome speech.

Point of Note: The speech under the same judging criteria (with that same information above) was judged the best of the  year 8 speeches at her school.




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