I love that when my daughter says “Mum, I have a bit of a sore throat”, I jump into action. Yes,I am very reactionary!  Why?  Very simply, I know that if I jump on the computer and google essential oil sore throat bomb, up will come a recipe I can use.

I only get one shot with my daughter who is very black and white.  No second chances with her.  The oils will work so I put in the oils that I know will work together for my one shot. Yes. I use a guide, but I also use my Mother’s intuition.  Twenty minutes and it will be doing its magic.  Yes, 20 minutes – see the chart below.  I place the oils with fractionated coconut oil (meaning it has had the fat taken out of if) in a roller bottle and roll it on the soles of her feet.  Check out this chart a quick uptake – 20 minutes is really fast.  Beats having to go to a pharmacy to find something that might work.  Pure and natural, fast acting, why wouldn’t you want to have essential oils in your home as the only form of wellness management. For two years now,  I have come to love and use the oils. (I have had oils for many years (but not like these oils).   If you want to know more and how you can get your hands on these amazing essential oils leave me a message below and I will get back to you just as soon as I can.

Love my daughter!  Mix up the oils, put in the roller bottle and say where are your feet. She presents two and I roll it on both and she says “I think its working already, it must be the aroma of the oils”.

She has a big speech next week and I have a wedding ceremony to present for a gorgeous couple tomorrow.  Do your magic sore throat bomb.

Until next time…. what will be my next topic?



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