I finally did!  Yes I followed the recommendation and took my On-Guard Toothpaste and added Turmeric powder and cleaned my teeth.

Why?  I know you are saying “Why would I do that?”

I am right, I know I am, you did ask that question!

Very simply, I wanted to have white teeth and I had been told that this works the best!

What is even better? There is nothing toxic which is indeed fantastic  and the same cannot be said for teeth whitening toothpastes.

The photos are not very good but do check out these photos – before and after.


Very happy – white teeth and no toxic chemicals.

And I did it in a few minutes in my own home and saved myself money as well.


Now I know you will want to do this and you need the On-Guard Toothpaste to get results like this.  Contact me and we will work out what else you need to bring you into wellness.

We can then set you up to get your toothpaste and other non-toxic products delivered directly to your door with 25% off.  Yes you can have your own on-line wholesale account.



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