After noticing my watch face was shattered (not sure how that happened), I put my watch aside and said I can live without a watch. Yes a bold statement “I can live without a watch”.


Do you know how many time someone who has a watch normally, takes a look.  You really do not appreciate how often until  you find yourself in that challenging situation and do not have your watch with you.

You notice when you try to take a discreet look when you are in a meeting; where is your child, they are running late (look at the car clock and that is still not changed from daylight saving); is it time to feed the rabbits (look at the computer clock instead); is it a good time to make that call (look at the computer clock)?  Yes, I was one of those people who constantly looked at my watch and very quickly I found there was alternatives with my phone and the environment in which I work.

Time has moved on.  It is now one week, and I must say, there is a sense of freedom when you don’t have a watch.  Yes, I have managed to be in the right place at the right time.  I have not missed any of my important events or family commitments; I have even crossed things off the list and accomplished a project that has been like a monkey on my back.


The real test is today.   Saturday, and I notice on my computer it;s 1.20pm.  I think I should have time to publish this blog.  I will then head off to get ready for my wedding ceremony this afternoon.  I will see the time on the bedroom clock.  I will see the clock in the dining area as I head to the door.  I will take my phone with me and arrive with a planned buffer of time, before the ceremony starts.  Today, the couple are greeting the guests.  The ceremony will start when the ceremony starts.  When everyone is present.

I am seriously thinking I am going to live without a watch.

Lets watch and see.



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