You know you need one!

You think you know what you want!

You share your ideas and everyone has their own take on what is best.

You then have the dilemma of, do I go with what I think, or what others think?

You make the right decision and go with what you think!

You then commission someone to put what you are thinking, into something real.

If you are a good communicator, your thoughts will reflect the final look.

If you are not so good at communicating, what you were thinking, is nothing like the finished logo.

You might be happy, with what was created.

Then again,you might not be.

You have the opportunity to then be able to say, I like this and this is what I was looking for.

You don’t have to be artist or someone talented.

There are people who can do it for you.  julie_lassen-2

If you want to know who did my logo,  leave your details below.

For the record – very happy – no alterations.






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