Let us start with the WHY clear clutter?

The WHY is very easy from a Feng Shui perspective if you declutter your home and office space you open yourself up to new and exciting things and opportunities.  I know you already knew that!  Did you know it can even impact your health.

Its an ongoing battle in this house?  Half the problem is getting around to it and creating enough momentum to see it through to the end.   There was lots of laughter recently when I went searching for something.  I knew it was here somewhere. Where I thought it was, wasn’t the case.  It was in a safe place.  You know you have a safe place as well don’t you?

So keeping the universal principal in my head, I  went to a local shop and asked if they had laminating pouches.  Yes, I needed to do some laminating for business.   You would have thought the laminating pouches were with the laminator itself in the home office.    Searching high and low, the pouches were nowhere in site. The shop ruined my theory if you purchased some more, even a few, the others would turn up.  The shop didn’t have any.

Today two weeks after the challenge, I  thought rainy day, want to be out of the office,  lets clear some clutter.  Found some things for my sister; shoes that need to be resoled; a skirt that needs to be taken to the dress-maker; a few things that need to be listed on the local buy and sell page (yes I created that); some things to add to the bag to take to Creative Junk; cardboard for recycling; motivational quotes in a box for sharing; Christmas presents to be tucked away for Christmas (only 10 weeks until Christmas).   Amazing what you find when you have clutter and clear it.

Have you ever packed a box with stuff and left it in the garage.  Never missed it!  Let it go never ever bring it back into your house.  I am on a mission and I have more clutter to clear today.


So from on-going practice at de-cluttering here is the HOW.  I have my 10 Principles for Clearing Clutter that you can put in place after you have had a Family Meeting to get everyone on the same page or project.  Perhaps way of life.

  1. Have a household policy (everyone must buy into it) WE will not bring more stuff into the house. There is a sense of freedom if you stop buying unnecessary stuff.
  2.  Invite everyone to let go of one thing every day.  That way everyone gets into the de-cluttering mindset and it becomes a habit or de-cluttering the mind as well as your home.
  3. Mindset: I no longer need this item.  I will give away; I will place it on the local buy and sell; I will put on one of the on-line trade pages. Maybe I will re-purpose. Donate it to charity or a worthy cause you support. There is no end the possibilities you have for disposal.
  4. Start on the Easy Stuff First! Start with the thing that you were uncertain about when you first got it.  Let that go and your mind says “hey look I have started, that was easy.”
  5. Have a written rule – I will not save it just in case.  If you have a place where you can store all those things – you do it.  But the reality is very few of us have that space and the energy could still be one of clutter.
  6. The biggie – it was a gift!  You are entitled to say this gift no longer serves me and you can let it go.  Remember, always its your stuff its up to you to make the decision.  Don’t let well-meaning family and friends tell you what to do.
  7. Move on with your life:  Let go of things from your past unless you love them.  Keep around you the things you love and use.
  8. Respect everyone in the household.  You might be able to let go things without a worry.  There might be others in the household who can’t let go of something just yet.  With the mental processing of letting that item go they will let it go.
  9. Completed and un-completed projects. I think everyone has the challenge of unfinished projects.   Or on the other hand you have done a project and there is materials left over.  Sell them and give them away.  Very unlikely you will come back to complete it.
  10. START TODAY, RIGHT NOW!    DO NOT WASTE LIFE ON CLUTTER.   luggage-1436515_1920


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