There was a delightful and well-known Celebrant here in Christchurch who, in fact, did wear a hat for all her weddings.  Big, bold and beautiful.  Personally, I don’t do hats at the best of times.  It really does mess with my hair.  

Yes  “my other hat” is indeed when I perform my role as a Marriage Celebrant for couples who visit here from all around the world.  Performed without the hat!  I really do love that role. As natural born smiler it is perfect for the Celebrant role.  I use to have a nick name by that exact name.  I had other nicknames -juballs,  julie-pooley; hot-lips (really not sure how I got that name).

For eighteen years now, I have been a Celebrant and have performed well over 1000 wedding ceremonies.  Some ceremonies are really small, like my elopements, others are really large with hundreds of guests, there is not many things that have not happened. If there is something I can usually be heard to say “Well that’s the first time in 18 years that has ever happened”.

Things do happen.  Only once have the rings fallen through the deck; only once has a groomsman fainted; only once has the bride been an hour late; only once has the marriage documents been left at home; only once have the rings been forgotten.  Can’t think what it was just recently but there was the occasion when something happened and it was the first time ever!

You perform the wedding; you write a blog; you learn through Facebook they have had a family; you sometimes get asked to do a naming ceremony or a funeral.   Such is the life of a busy Celebrant.  You have to plan your holidays well in advance.  There is not many opportunities to do things on the spare of the moment.  As you have more experience you start to realise that for your own family you must schedule time to do family things.

So what prompted me to share this with you today?  I am off to get ready for a wedding shortly,  but today,  I did a blog on my celebrant site.  I blogged about  a wedding ceremony I did recently.  It was a magical day and Pablo and Adrian were the nicest couple.  A first – they turned up to a meeting with me with food for afternoon tea. They asked me to be MC for them and the feedback has been very special.  I will share a couple of photos and you will see the magic for yourself.  I do love what I do!  If I am not marrying people I am changing the world, one drop, one community at a time.  I look forward to working with my growing team to make magic happen.  Its an exciting journey we are on together.


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