Theatre Sports Competition

My daughter was super excited to be named in her Intermediate schools Theatre Sports Team.  The Team consisting of three girls and two boys had two practices and the five sets of parents delivered them to the Court Theatre’s Junior Sports Competition.  Four schools were represented and the other three teams were high school teams. Yes, that made them the youngest in the competition.  Apparently the other teams have practiced all year. The Christchurch South Intermediate Team had only been officially named on the 18th of October and yes the competition was on the 30th of October.

We let them have an hour of warm up and then we took our seats to learn about Theatre Sports.  It was a lot of fun and Chip the lights and technical controller was lots of fun.  The host a vibrant young woman got us to warmed up and ready.

Much to our delight our team for the first game got a score of 4.5 out of possible 5  and 4.5 out of a possible 5!  That was the best score 9/10 – I liked those judges.  Perhaps not so much by the end of the three rounds because we were half a point behind the winners.  I was so impressed with our young team they really did very well!  Thanks to the hard work Ms Revell put in to getting them ready for the event. Also for the lengthy selection process taking those who wanted to be part of the team from over 100 students down to 5 with one reserve.  That was after school – gosh Ms Revell works very hard.

There is a wildcard team selected  and one hopes they get the wildcard.  That would get them into the finals at the Court Theatre.  Oh we do love Theatre sports.  It does make you think quick.



What do you name your child?

Within a group I am involved in there is a request for unusual names.  There is some lovely names being put forward.  As requested the unusual and those from different cultures.

I want to ask, but I am to scared that I will be crucified.  Yes, I want to be brave enough to say be sure to choose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell.  As a Celebrant, I often come across people with unusual names.  Of course, they need to spell the name for me.  Many love the unusual names they are given.  Some, however, say they really don’t know what their parents were thinking at the time.  Many are the result of movies it would seem.  One couple were even asking if they could change their first names when they married. So not everyone is happy with the name they are given.

In our case, we looked back in the family history and chose a strong name for our daughter.  She has always been named Amelia, the perfect name for her!

So I thought I would share with your the least common names that I found on my search.

Baby Centre Note: Our data comes from more than 340,000 parents who shared their baby’s name with us in 2015. Each name below was given to at least three children this year.

Unusual baby girl names

Unusual baby boy names

So what are you going to call your child?

We can’t help ourselves

We cam’t help ourselves, we really can’t.  It starts when they were first born.  Well now it actually starts when we are pregnant!  What, what, what am I on about?

Its started with vengeance now! Yes Facebook is starting to full up with parents telling of our children’s achievements at school.  Our child has won the certificate awarded for the best all round student; our daughter is representing the school; our daughter got high distinction in the spelling exam; at this time of the year like no other time of the year we as parents, share our joy at the achievements of our sons and daughters.

We can’t help it we have been ingrained with the need to tell the world how proud we are.  Our kids have done good!  They have shone above all others. We don’t compare what other kids have done or achieved. In our eyes whatever our child has achieved surpasses everyone else. In our eyes our children’s achievements are the best.  It’s a good thing the children themselves do not see what there parents are posting on Social Media. For children there can be disappointment in they didn’t get the certificate and someone else did.  Such an amazing time for children to learn skills of coping, graceful losing and winning, compassion and empathy.


I do know that I probably have shared more in these last few years since my mother passed away.  I would ring her every day.  It was a two-way conversation and we would solve the worlds problems and I would ask advice on how to clean this or that; how to make a better sponge or whatever the needs were that day. A very clever Mum I had.  The best Mum in the world and what is lovely is my daughter tells me that as well.  I digress, the most important thing in these phone calls, was that I could tell her, was  her  granddaughter had achieved and made me proud.  You can tell your Mum things you can’t tell others. Yes, I would tell my Mum of her many achievements and milestones over the years,   I didn’t need to tell the world through Facebook.

So what has this blog achieved?  Nothing really it is highlighting why we as parents need to tell the world about our children’s achievements. Isn’t that a great enough achievement for today.  It has also highlighted for me more blogs I will write about…. photo shoots and Mum daughter relationships… so much coming



I no longer feel guilty

I work hard and now that I am working smarter, I no longer feel the mother guilt of not being able to support my daughter in what she does.

So last night a family outing at Christchurch’s Horncastle Arena.  The Lions Christchurch Schools Music Festival was the event.  Amelia joined with other members of the school choir and they were all excited and gathered together with their Teacher. There were gatherings everywhere.  Nothing like that buzz of nerves and excitement.

We purchased a program and the cover was drawn by a Christchurch South student. Congratulations to Yuki Saito it fitted with this years theme – All Creatures Great and Small.


Meanwhile we the parents, and other guests took our seats, and waited for the 7.00pm performance to start.  A magical first night of three.  Last night’s massed choir made up of 35 schools made a great start, and I am sure the other two nights will be just as good.  The Concert Band, the Orchestra, Senior and Junior Choirs will all attend the next two nights.  We will have a quiet night at home.

If you want to know how you can escape from the mother guilt ask me how and send me a message.  



We are very proud!

Together my husband and I,  transported our daughter to the Intermediate Speech Finals at Casebrook Intermediate.  We are not sure why there was only Amelia, representing Christchurch South Intermediate, when every other Intermediate present at the Finals, had a year 7 and 8 winner.

An interesting evening and reassurance that we have some good speakers coming up in the future. There was interesting mix of topics and presentation styles.  The judges said that if any of the young speech makers  went to any Toastmasters Group – their speech would have been “the speech of the night”.

Although, Amelia was not placed in the top three we think her speech on education was very powerful.  She had a very powerful presentation on why every child has the right to education.  A well researched topic had everyone understanding it is a global issue.

…….By now we should all see that it is worth it for these children to

go to school. Studies show that children born to educated

mothers are less likely to be stunted or malnourished. In fact,

each additional year of maternal education helps reduce the child

mortality rate by 2%. Not only that, but if all girls had a secondary

education, child marriage would drop by 64%. And it’s not just

girls that are helped. If all students in low-income countries left

school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted

out of poverty. This is equal to a 12% cut in global poverty…..

Apparently, the Toastmaster judge in his feedback  to everyone, and not pointed at anyone in particular, said, “having facts in the speech was unnecessary”.  I want to disagree, I think that passage above, added strength and meaning to her speech.

The judges also said that being able to use personal experience was important.  Amelia in discussion afterwards said “President Obama is an amazing speech maker and he certainly does not have first hand experience in everything he speaks about”.  Good point Amelia!

To get to this Speech Final, Amelia had to present her speech in front of 650 children and teachers with a Toastmaster Judge.  We are very proud Amelia – an awesome speech.

Point of Note: The speech under the same judging criteria (with that same information above) was judged the best of the  year 8 speeches at her school.




This morning on my Facebook feed, I was delighted to see photos from Emily Wright who is one of the Executive Team of doTERRA.  I have not met her yet, but I am constantly amazed by the energy she brings to her role.  This achievement is huge.  Congratulations to Emily and the whole the team, and of course everyone who is involved in this Company.

Emily wrote:

What an honor it was to be recognized as the International Business of the Year by the World Trade Commission at the Utah Global Forum today. Our philosophy has always been to focus locally and expand globally. It was humbling to reflect back eight years ago when we had just a few family members and friends who shouldered with us to empower families with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. It is amazing to witness the global impact doTERRA has had by sourcing oils from 43 countries (26 of which are developing countries) and shipping products to nearly 100 different countries. The lives that have been enhanced and blessed is what it’s all about.

Thank you to all of our loyal employees, growers, and Wellness Advocates who have made this possible. We’re just getting warmed up!

If you are in business you know that this achievement is massive.  This is true recognition for doTERRA and what it does in the world.  Oh I love being involved in this company.


Being In Control!

I love that when my daughter says “Mum, I have a bit of a sore throat”, I jump into action. Yes,I am very reactionary!  Why?  Very simply, I know that if I jump on the computer and google essential oil sore throat bomb, up will come a recipe I can use.

I only get one shot with my daughter who is very black and white.  No second chances with her.  The oils will work so I put in the oils that I know will work together for my one shot. Yes. I use a guide, but I also use my Mother’s intuition.  Twenty minutes and it will be doing its magic.  Yes, 20 minutes – see the chart below.  I place the oils with fractionated coconut oil (meaning it has had the fat taken out of if) in a roller bottle and roll it on the soles of her feet.  Check out this chart a quick uptake – 20 minutes is really fast.  Beats having to go to a pharmacy to find something that might work.  Pure and natural, fast acting, why wouldn’t you want to have essential oils in your home as the only form of wellness management. For two years now,  I have come to love and use the oils. (I have had oils for many years (but not like these oils).   If you want to know more and how you can get your hands on these amazing essential oils leave me a message below and I will get back to you just as soon as I can.

Love my daughter!  Mix up the oils, put in the roller bottle and say where are your feet. She presents two and I roll it on both and she says “I think its working already, it must be the aroma of the oils”.

She has a big speech next week and I have a wedding ceremony to present for a gorgeous couple tomorrow.  Do your magic sore throat bomb.

Until next time…. what will be my next topic?


The Legend of J.K. Rowling

“Unless you lived so cautiously, that you might as well not have lived at all…”

Wise words from an incredible woman and those words were shared on Facebook this morning by a dynamic woman who I had the pleasure of meeting. I in fact was the Marriage Celebrant for her and her husband a number of years ago now.  Watch this space because she herself is out to make a mark on this world.  She is just finding where she fits!

Loving Facebook you can find inspiring stuff.

Let us all live life to the full and make the most of why are we here!

REIKI for Health and Happiness

I hope you have a gorgeous soul in your life, who can deliver Reiki when you need it.  I am lucky to have a Reiki Master as a friend.  She is so good, other Reiki Master’s seek her out for an appointment.

So do you know what Reiki is?

Reiki works by re-balancing the body’s energy; it removes blockages within the body.  These blockages may have been building up for many years resulting in physical pain, stress or emotional worries.  A reiki treatment will leave you feeling re-energised, re-vitalised and re-motivated.

Why you need a Reiki session?

Is your live full of hassles, frustrations, work demands, financial challenges, relationships and family?  For many of us, stress is so common that it has become a way of life.  This can cause major damage to our health, our mood, our productivity and our relationships. Essential our quality of life.

Did that answer the question on why we need a Reiki session.

So let me introduce you Nati, my lovely Reiki Master.

Gorgeous on the inside and out.

So lucky to have her in my life.



To learn more about Nati and her business…

Toothpaste and Turmeric

I finally did!  Yes I followed the recommendation and took my On-Guard Toothpaste and added Turmeric powder and cleaned my teeth.

Why?  I know you are saying “Why would I do that?”

I am right, I know I am, you did ask that question!

Very simply, I wanted to have white teeth and I had been told that this works the best!

What is even better? There is nothing toxic which is indeed fantastic  and the same cannot be said for teeth whitening toothpastes.

The photos are not very good but do check out these photos – before and after.


Very happy – white teeth and no toxic chemicals.

And I did it in a few minutes in my own home and saved myself money as well.


Now I know you will want to do this and you need the On-Guard Toothpaste to get results like this.  Contact me and we will work out what else you need to bring you into wellness.

We can then set you up to get your toothpaste and other non-toxic products delivered directly to your door with 25% off.  Yes you can have your own on-line wholesale account.